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Dear friend in Christ,

I have amazing reports to share!

I love passing these along so you can know what God is doing through you!

There is a migrant camp in southern Europe, filled with refugees who have fled civil war, ISIS, and the chaos of the Middle East. The residents earn what money they can by collecting and selling scrap metal. And nearly every person in this camp is committed to their home culture and religion.

     I won’t use his real name, but Jim, a “JESUS” film worker, was walking by the camp. He felt the Holy Spirit guiding him: “Go inside and share the gospel.” But Jim kept walking, resisting the Spirit’s promptings.

     Jim went home and felt such strong conviction, that the next morning he shot out of bed and went straight to the migrant camp. There Jim met a man I will call Abdul, one of the scrap-metal dealers.

     He noticed that Abdul had a smartphone. Though damaged, it was still working. Jim showed him how to download the Jesus Film Project® app. Together, they watched “JESUS” until Abdul’s phone battery ran out … getting about halfway through the film.

     The next day, Jim returned. Abdul had charged his smartphone. Together, they watched the rest of “JESUS.” Abdul was courteous and said: “That’s a nice film and story. Thank you. But I follow our god. We believe in the Prophet Isa (their name for Jesus), but He cannot be the Son of God.” 

     Jim returned home and began praying. A day passed. He again entered the camp … “Abdul, how are you doing?” This time Abdul was discouraged. “We haven’t sold enough scrap metal. My family and I haven’t eaten in five days. And so last night I didn’t know who to cry out to, my god or yours! But I remembered the scene in the ‘JESUS’ film when He held up the loaves and fishes and fed the people.”

     Abdul said he prayed, “God, if you are out there and if you are real, could you feed my family like you fed those 5,000 people?” Thirty minutes later his cell phone rang. It was a baker from town whom Abdul helped with odd jobs and distribution.

     The baker arrived and pulled into the camp. Abdul expected to get in the truck and go to work. Instead, the baker stopped him: “No Abdul, this is not food for you to distribute. This is food for you!” He opened the back of the bakery truck and inside were loaves and fishes … literally loaves and fishes!

     God had answered—the true and living God. Abdul fed his family and gave the rest to hungry refugees in the camp. And he declared, “I now know that Jesus is more than a prophet, and I want to follow Him for the rest of my life!”

     To Him I give glory. Your partnership, your giving makes live streaming of “JESUS” possible, so Abdul and thousands more can meet the Lord Himself. Thank you!

This next report is about “Magdalena,” the wonderfully effective version of “JESUS” for women, with added stories like “The Woman at the Well” and “The Woman Caught in Adultery.”

     An elderly North African woman, Yasmine, was watching satellite television in her home. “Magdalena” was playing, and Yasmine was captivated. Because “Magdalena” was in her dialect, she understood the words of Jesus—words of kindness and love. She realized that there was something very special about this Man, that He loved women—like her.

     Yasmine could not stay still! She called her daughter and friends over to watch. They too experienced the broadcast and were amazed how Jesus reached out in love to Magdalena and the other women, a quality sorely missing in their oppressive culture.

     Speaking of the broadcast, Yasmine declared, “It’s the best story I’ve heard.” And best of all, she became a follower of Jesus. Yasmine went to a church in her town where they had also shown the film. They gave Yasmine a DVD of “Magdalena,” a gift she cherishes today, a gift you sent to her and other unreached people around the world!

     Yasmine said: “I did not believe Jesus would be interested in me. At last I’ve found peace. Now I tell my family and friends about Jesus.” By the way, she has shown that DVD of “Magdalena” to many women in her home. To Him goes the glory!

Recently workers in a country where it’s dangerous to be a Christ-follower, received an equipment set your giving has provided, a Church-Planting Resource Kit. This is the very first kit of many to be delivered to this ministry partner, helping them to train and equip 200 pastors to do the work of evangelism and church planting in their restricted nation.

     They will typically show “JESUS,” “Magdalena” and related films in small meetings and in homes—out of sight of radicals. Up to 30,000 people could see and understand the gospel through this single kit—a wonderful gift you have helped send. This is an opportunity we pray will be repeated many times as you help equip 1,700 ministry partners of Jesus Film Project. To Him goes the glory!

     As you have read, the Holy Spirit is moving. The pace of church planting is accelerating. The zeal of these partners is God-given and impressive. They are asking for equipment sets, DVDs and more—because they see fields “white unto harvest.”

     Just one ministry partner in Myanmar is asking for 700 video tablets to be shared by 4,200 church planters! They’ve a vision to train and equip 10,000 church planters by the end of 2020 to reach Myanmar, one of the least-evangelized nations on earth!

     So, with the Christmas season approaching, a time of giving, may I invite your careful and prayerful partnership once again, to allow God to work through you? Your gift of love of $50, $75 or $100 will help provide this much-needed equipment. Your gift can impact the lives of people who have never once heard the gospel story … an impact that will last for eternity. 

     For instance, you can supply workers with six microSD cards containing “JESUS,” “Magdalena” (for women) and “The Story of Jesus for Children” for a gift of $60, or 20 DVDs for a gift of $90. Your gift of $145 will supply six thumb drives. The thumb drives contain “JESUS,” other films and follow-up materials in up to10 languages. Each tool you send is a powerful, ready to be used of God to shine light in their spiritual darkness, inviting perhaps hundreds into the kingdom.

     According to your ability, kindly consider supplying an evangelist/church planter with a video tablet for a gift of $380. You can also provide a team with a deluxe video tablet that also includes a solar panel (for recharging) and Bluetooth® speakers, through a generous gift of $570. These video tablets are extremely effective in showing “JESUS” privately or in small groups, out of sight of radicals.

     Here’s another great option: You can supply a worker with a digital Hotspot. You may have heard about these amazing tools that create a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth station. Hotspots make “JESUS” available to anyone in the immediate area, even where there is no cell or internet service.

     Smartphones come alive with a message, “Would you like to watch a film about the life of Jesus?” Because the film is in their language, nearly everyone accepts. They can also download the film and watch as often as they like. These are wonderfully effective tools in great demand—meeting the hunger of people who seek truth and inner peace.

     Also, according to how the Lord has blessed you, can you pray about supplying a film team with one of those Church-Planting Resource Kits (pictured on the previous page)? More than 1,000 are being requested! You can give enough to provide for half the cost of a kit ($1,620) or fund an entire kit for a gift of $3,240. Each team that receives a kit agrees to show “JESUS” 50 times during the year. Over this equipment’s useful life, as many as 30,000 people can see the film (in their heart languages) and up to 30 new churches can be planted.

     Thank you for allowing me these moments to share such wonderful reports and opportunities to have an eternal impact. As He leads, I invite you to take the gospel to where the church is not. This is how you can let men, women and children see and hear news of the gospel in their heart language.

Help shine His light in their darkness. Thank you so much.

Until everyone sees Jesus,

Josh Newell
Executive Director
Jesus Film Project®

PS. Partner churches, organizations, film teams and volunteers around the world will use your gifts so that Everyone, Everywhere will learn what Jesus has done for them. You can give via your credit/debit card by clicking the “give a gift” button on this page. If possible, please send your gift by December 31, 2019, enabling you to claim a tax deduction for this year. As year-end approaches, please also consider gifts of appreciated property, IRAs, stocks or securities. Very substantial tax savings are possible, as your giving furthers the kingdom. To learn more, please contact Debbie Williams or Anna Pratt (stock administrators), toll free at (888) 278-7233 or email them at: ira@jesusfilm.org or stock@jesusfilm.org. If you have a donor-advised fund, please consider leveraging those dollars by giving for Church-Planting Resource Kits, video tablet sets, Hotspots, DVDs, thumb drives or microSD cards. As He leads, help bring in the harvest! Thank you.

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