Help Staff Hit Hardest by the Coronavirus

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National Cru Staff around the world are experiencing increased difficulty in raising support right now. 

Due to the spreading of COVID-19, face-to-face meetings with partners have become impossible. In the cultural context of some of these places, face-to-face is how most missionaries raise their support. And for some, it is actually how they receive monthly support- by stopping by to pick up their support gift.

Without this option, many staff simply don’t have the money to continue ministry. And if they can’t continue their ministry, or continue raising funds, they’ll have no money for essentials—like food, medicine and housing payments.

For many staff members serving in some of the most difficult countries in the world, they have no other source of income and are staring at an uncertain future.

Right now, Cru is collecting money so missionaries in parts of the world hardest hit by the coronavirus can continue to live and do ministry. On top of that, we need a reserve of money to help with any medical expenses. If missionaries don’t have enough money for food, they certainly don’t have money for lengthy hospital stays.

Would you prayerfully consider a gift to support staff in need today? Your generosity will make a significant impact  for missionaries in some of the hardest hit countries. 

Together, WE can be their lifeline. WE can help show them that they are not forgotten. WE can share the hope of God's love and care  in a  world that cannot do that..

Thank you for your heart to see the gospel spread around the world. Your gifts and prayers are making an eternal difference. You can make a gift to our emergency staff fund here to help staff all over the world or search below for a missionary by name to personally support during this difficult time.

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