Rush Bibles to closed nations in the Middle East

#2870620 - Bibles for the Mideast

These are troubled times. People everywhere are desperate for hope. And what God is doing through His Word right now in the Middle East is nothing short of miraculous.

In closed Middle Eastern nations, multitudes are disillusioned by their traditional religions and overwhelmed by the massive amount of chaos in the world today. These men and women hunger to know about the Prince of Peace. 

They are reaching out to Cru missionaries for answers—answers that can only be found in the Bible!

Consider Saba*, a young woman in a closed nation who recently met a group of Christians. Noticing something different about them, she asked for an explanation. “Faith in Jesus changed us,” they responded. “The Bible changed us!

Bravely, she asked them for a Bible. And like many who receive the Bibles you give, she read it every single night. But one evening, her uncle caught her. He was enraged.

He grabbed his gun and pointed it at her head. He pulled the trigger.
But the gun would not fire!

Incredibly, Saba’s life was spared! Her uncle couldn’t believe it and walked away, stunned. After reading His Word and seeing His power, Saba was ready to put her faith in the One True God. 

The next time she met her Christian friends, she prayed to receive Christ. Today, Saba is one of the most active students in the local Cru ministry.

Stories like this, once so rare, are happening more and more frequently. And the demand for Bibles is skyrocketing!

As Cru field missionaries urgently request more copies, will you help rush 50,000 more Arabic, Turkish and Persian Bibles to fields that are ripe for harvest?

Each Bible costs an average of just $6.75—including the costs of printing and shipping to the most closed nations! Each also includes contact information so people can ask questions and begin discipleship.

This is a unique hour. So many hunger for truth. Please give your most generous gift for Bibles while doors and hearts remain open. Thank you!

*Name changed for safety

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