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#0665772 - "JESUS" Partner Equipment Sets

You can help make a difference and transform lives!

The film “JESUS” is so fruitful that more than 1,800 ministry groups are using it as a core strategy for church planting. And they are asking for these Church-Planting Backpack Kits, by the hundreds ... but many of these ministries are small and based in poor nations that can’t afford to purchase the kits themselves.

Worldwide, several hundred of these powerful kits are needed now. Film teams are eager to resume their ministries of showing people “JESUS,” of meeting with and discipling new faith communities, of taking the gospel to people who have never heard. It’s why I hope you’ll want to help. You can give “JESUS” to an unreached world; you can support these teams and equip them.

The church-planting backpack kits are small, highly portable, and robust; it includes a compact projector, screen and speakers to reach audiences up to 200, with solar panels to charge batteries by day. In town after town, workers will gather whole neighborhoods together, show them “JESUS” and plant churches.

Each Church-Planting Backpack Kit can, on average, show “JESUS” to up to 30,000 people, during its useful life. And ministry partners who receive the kits commit to showing “JESUS” 50 times each year.

Now is the time to reach people with the gospel. They have been scared, locked down by COVID-19. Teams will use this equipment safely and wisely, giving people good news they have never heard. Teams are waiting, eager, praying to receive their own kit. You can help by giving a portion or all of a single kit, according to your ability. Several hundred kits are needed.

To help reach the unreached and plant new churches with "JESUS" just click the “give a gift” button. Thank you for whatever you are able to contribute!

$50 for a portion of a Kit

$100 for a portion of a Kit

$324 for a portion of a Kit

$1,620 for ½ a Kit

$3,240 for one Church-Planting Kit

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If you would prefer to donate by phone, please call us toll-free at 1-800-387-4040.

Your charitable donations are tax deductible. The ministry's Tax Identification Number is 95-6006173. Jesus Film Project is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International. The ministry operates under the brand name, Cru, in the United States.

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