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“This was the first time I felt connected to the Word of God,” Banu*, with tears in her eyes, told Reyhan*. “I have always wanted to have that connection, but because I was unable to read and write I never felt connected. This is the first time I felt I have a connection with God and God loves me.” 

Reyhan, who works with Cru’s church-planting ministry in South Asia, recently received training to use oral Bible stories with those she ministers to, like Banu. Reyhan’s country has a 59% literacy rate, and written ministry materials limited who Reyhan could disciple and how she shared the gospel. But, now, with oral Bible stories, Reyhan has the tools to more effectively plant churches among all people, both literate and oral learners. 

Reyhan now leads multiple story groups, the oral equivalent of a Bible study, with a mix of women and girls who don’t yet know Jesus. Over time, these story groups can grow into house churches. “I began with a few women,” Reyhan says, “And then it grew! ...Last time we were 27 altogether.” Some of the women can read and some, like Banu, cannot; but, regardless, they all engage their hearts with God’s Word through story because they best learn through spoken narrative. And now women like Banu are moved to tears because they are connecting with God and His Word for the very first time. 

“When [the women] go home, they share the stories. And the ladies who hear the stories—their family, friends, neighbors—they now want to hear the stories and share them too.” These women are not only being transformed by God’s Word, but they are taking His Word through stories to all those they come in contact with. 

Give your best gift today to equip storytellers like Reyhan so that oral learners like Banu can finally have the Word of God in a way that best captures their hearts and connects them to God. And, know your gift will spread the gospel to friends, whole families and entire communities. 


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