We want every military member to know Jesus!

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Military life is tough. Brutally so. Even for those who are not yet deployed, the stress of training, the toll on the family, multiple relocations, and other stressors take a huge toll. As our servicemen and women make these tremendous sacrifices for us–they need to know that Jesus sacrificed all for them. The least we can do is to make sure they know Him!

*Today, you can do that! *

It costs approximately $10 to deliver the gospel message to one servicemember, which includes a Spiritually Fit - Ready To Serve guidebook – *and* access to the new Military SFRS digital ministry platform.

Each handbook offers training in *spiritual fitness *for active-duty personnel and their families who are looking for guidance, strength, and inspiration. Military SFRS provides a continued online spiritual community that allows recruits to remain connected and accountable with their colleagues … even when deployed to different locations around the world.

We want every military member to intimately know Jesus!

One recruit recently shared, “I found Christ through the struggles of boot camp. If not for the spiritual strength I would have struggled a LOT more. The classes definitely led me in knowing how to be a Christian and also how to read and study the Bible. These classes helped me to continue applying Christ in my life. It’s always good to have good, godly men pouring into our lives.”

We need your help to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and offer ongoing discipleship resources like these to every service member before *and after *they go into harm’s way.

Your gift will reach the military community for Christ.

Thank you for supporting our brave military men and women by making your most generous gift today.

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