Bring Christ’s love, joy and forgiveness to unreached people groups

#2852450 - StoryRunners - Story Bible Translations to the Unreached

In East Africa, unreached oral learners are waiting to hear about the eternal hope of Jesus in a way that speaks to their hearts: stories. As oral learners, they best learn through spoken narrative. How can they hear about Christ unless someone tells them? 

Through your partnership, you will bring Christ’s love, joy and forgiveness to these unreached, oral learners. You will equip a local team of East African ministry leaders to travel throughout the region, developing oral Bible story sets in multiple languages. As the team travels, not only will they develop oral Bible stories; they will also teach local believers to use these stories for evangelism, discipleship and church planting. Millions will be able to finally hear the good news in a way that speaks to their hearts! 

“We want to create these stories so everyone can hear,” says one East African leader, “And no one can say ‘I have never heard of the Bible.’” 

Help fulfill the Great Commission today by sending this team of local ministry leaders throughout East Africa as they develop oral Bible story sets and equip others to multiply their lives. Your partnership will make it possible for millions to hear the good news and be brought into the kingdom of light!

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