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You have the opportunity to help StoryRunners reach even more people.

Partners in several new countries are asking us to develop in their regions. And it’s no wonder. When we partner with other missionaries in an area, we often reach more people in four weeks than they’ve been able to reach in four years. It’s a dynamic partnership!

God shows up!

When we begin an SOS in a new region, God shows up long before people begin to accept Jesus.

You see, sharing Bible stories with people who live in oral cultures builds relationships— even before anyone comes to know Jesus! They want to hear!

God begins turning their world upside down and changing lives through the joy and relationships that are being built. And that leads to asking Jesus into their hearts.

You can help.

Each School of Storying costs $33,000 to provide. An SOS runs for four entire weeks, and with an average of 15 people attending, that amounts to only $550 per person per week.

Imagine the eternal impact your gift can have on someone who has never before heard the story of Jesus, or never felt the love and peace he offers.

Who knows, your gift may be the one that helps the gospel penetrate where it has never been heard before!

Please share your most generous gift today.

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