Yellow Box Project: Reach Ukrainians with the Gospel

#1103918 - Yellow Box Project: Reach Ukrainians with the Gospel

“The spiritual openness in these small villages is huge.”

These were the words of the national team leader for Cru in Ukraine. To respond to the openness, Ukrainian missionaries are starting a special project:

The Yellow Box Project.

As scarcity continues across Ukraine, especially in small villages on the outskirts of hard-hit cities, these boxes are a godsend. The families receiving them may not otherwise have access to the food and supplies being provided. Inside each box is tangible and much-needed aid for those still in the country, such as: 

  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Oatmeal
  • Sunflower oil
  • Canned food
  • Instant coffee
  • Tea
  • And a letter from the missionaries about God’s love in the midst of tragedy

“We aren’t going to the big cities where government or institutions are able to help. The places we go are in the middle of nowhere. The people are very lost.” 

Each Yellow Box has 4 symbols representing the 4 steps of salvation on the side. As missionaries deliver a yellow box to a family in need, they spend time explaining one of the symbols and what it means. They listen to the family, pray with them and learn what their specific needs are. 

The missionaries return the next week with another box, tailored to that family, and with an explanation of the next symbol. 

They return each week until they explain all 4, and the family has a whole and clear picture of the gospel. The Ukrainian Cru staff will invite the family to put their faith in Jesus.

Our brothers and sisters in Ukraine are relentless for the gospel. They have said, “We are missionaries first. Refugees second.”

Each Yellow Box costs an average of $24. 

$96 provides all 4 boxes to a family. $576 provides Yellow Boxes and the gospel to 6 families — a whole neighborhood!

This is an incredible opportunity to minister to and share the gospel with internally displaced people In Ukraine who are reeling from the horrors of war. 

Would you consider giving today to cover the cost? Any amount you can give will make an eternal difference in the lives of vulnerable Ukrainian families. 

Thank you!

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