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#2287428 - Reaching Freshmen

The first month at school is critical for reaching freshmen - These 30 days are when they decide the direction of their college career ... Will they turn to the Lord or potentially be led astray?

And this year, more than ever, freshmen are looking for security, peace, hope, and direction!

The pandemic chaos and fear have affected the past two years of their lives. The first 30 days on campus that are normally so critical for freshmen are even more crucial for these new students.

This is why the Freshmen First campaign is so important!

We want to give every incoming freshman the opportunity to connect with Jesus - and get plugged in to a Cru® community - before that first month ends!

Every $10.37 provides a "Freshman Survival Kit" for one student. Please prayerfully consider how many freshmen YOU can reach through our Freshmen First outreach today. Thank you for your generosity!

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