UNTO: Rush Meals to Families Facing a Food Crisis

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Every 13 cents provides a meal and shares hope

We face a seismic food crisis that is spreading across the globe.

The United Nations recently reported the number of people facing severe food insecurity has doubled over the past two years — from 135 million in 2019 to 276 million today. Food prices continue to rise due to economic shocks and supply chain disruptions. The cost of wheat has skyrocketed because of the war in Ukraine and the heat wave in India.

Together we can make an impact. Over the next three months, Unto® plans to send more than 462,000 meals to hungry people in 10 countries. Many of these places are experiencing record levels of hunger, so they need our help now.


Because much of the food is donated, the cost to assemble, ship, and distribute each meal averages just 13 cents. Your gift will rush meals to war victims, orphans, and families facing starvation. At the right time local staff teams will share the eternal hope of Jesus.

As the global food crisis intensifies, more and more families are going without meals. They are forced to send their children to school hungry or put them to bed at night without something to eat.

You can help them! Every 13 cents you give now provides a meal for a hungry person. Your donation will put nutritious food into their hands — and help create opportunities for local staff teams to share the kindness of Jesus.

Will you consider a generous gift to help rush meals and share hope today?


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Call toll free: 1-888-278-7233 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET, or email us at eGift@cru.org — Cru® Donation Services Office.

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