S.A.Y. YES!® To America’s Inner-City Youth

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COVID-19 highlighted — and significantly widened — the discrepancies and inequities in our nation’s education system. Inner-city students are dramatically behind their peers. 

More and more schools are turning to tutoring programs to help students catch up. And we’ve got the best one to offer: our S.A.Y. Yes!® Centers are proven — and provide so much more than book learning!

Children’s lives are touched and transformed by the love of God through the unique witness of our S.A.Y. Yes! Centers. Families are changed by the hope of Jesus.

As children and youth head back to school, our S.A.Y. Yes! Centers need your strong support. To help start and maintain all the crucial ministry services provided by a S.A.Y. Yes! Center costs an average of just $42 per child enrolled ...

Please be as generous as you can. 

At our S.A.Y. Yes! Centers, each child is ministered to spiritually, emotionally, physically, intellectually, and socially. They receive help with homework, positive mentorship, biblical guidance, healthy food, safe activities, and the love of Christ poured into their lives.

TODAY YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE — provide education, hope, and life change in Jesus’ name!

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