Make a Greater Impact than Ever in 2022

What if you could make an even greater impact?

You can! And here’s the secret: donating cash outright is actually the most “expensive” way to give. Gifts of appreciated stocks and other assets to your favorite Cru® ministries or missionaries can help you make a greater kingdom impact because you can save more on taxes and make your gift go further.

Stock gift benefits include:

  • Avoiding capital gains tax.

  • Receiving a charitable income tax deduction.

  • Making a gift with minimal impact on cash flow

  • Changing lives forever with the gospel of Jesus!

By giving appreciated securities, not only are tax dollars redirected toward ministry, but you also receive a charitable tax deduction for the full value of the appreciated stock (if stock is held for more than one year)!

It’s easy. Donating publicly traded securities to Cru is often just as easy as writing a check or processing a wire.

Typically, you will need to alert your financial advisor or broker that you would like to contribute appreciated securities to Cru. The advisor will then transfer the applicable shares using Cru’s transfer and broker account information (which can be found here). In some instances, the transfer can happen the same day that you make the request to your financial advisor. (Mutual funds can take additional time.)

Please always notify Cru of your gift transfer using the Stock Directive so that your gift is allocated according to your desires. Email a copy of your completed form to or call 800-278-7233 with any questions.

Your stewardship matters. Act now to make the maximum impact!


Did you know gifts of stock can be used with a donor-advised fund to add flexibility and options to support multiple projects and organizations? Cru Foundation offers a Christian-based donor-advised fund with no administrative fees. Contact Cru Foundation for more information today at 800-449-5454 or