Support the 2023 Missionary Care Campaign

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Rush help to faithful workers in the hardest places!

From shrinking support networks to skyrocketing inflation and persecution, hundreds of Cru missionaries are facing grave challenges that could drive them from the field within weeks.

To continue to reach people with the gospel, these men and women need your help now. 

On average, it only costs $300 per month to support a missionary. 

Your gift today of $50, $100, $300 or even more for the Missionary Care Campaign will meet the MOST CRITICAL NEEDS of staff in serious financial distress.

Your generosity will:

  • Provide support for missionaries who are struggling in the midst of war, poverty and persecution, covering basics like food and shelter and enabling them to stay in the field,
  • Offer a helping hand to ethnic minority staff missionaries seeking to raise support and minister in particularly challenging places here in the United States,
  • Help cover emergency and evacuation needs for missionaries facing acute, dangerous situations.

Many Cru workers in the hardest places have been stretched — nearly to the breaking point — for months on end. Please stand with them today.

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