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Dear Friend in Christ,

I hope you enjoy reading this amazing report of God's faithfulness.

He is working through the power of His Word in the gospel of Luke, the basis of the script of the "JESUS" film, to move the hearts of unreached people everywhere.

God is using your prayers and gifts to make these reports possible. Thank you.

The director of a partner ministry that uses “JESUS” was very anxious to share some exciting news. Some of their workers face great challenges to share the gospel in Central Asia to reach people who have never heard. He brought the news to one of our Jesus Film Project® leadership staff: “I want to send you a report! We believe this is the greatest opportunity of our lifetime to reach Afghan refugees.” Here are excerpts from that report*:

“One of my ministry’s ‘JESUS’ film team members invited me to join him and bring my ‘JESUS’ movie projector and equipment to show to refugees along the border with Pakistan.

 “I got on a bus for four hours and finally arrived at the bus stop where that brother was waiting. We traveled in his old car until we came to the side of a mountain. We took the rest of the journey on foot. People here still use kerosene lamps—they have no electricity and find water from a spring.

“As soon as it was dark, I reached into my bag and, using a flashlight, began to unpack my projector equipment. A crowd started to gather. The team member asked the crowd to take a seat on the grass. We set up the equipment and started the film. Soon, everyone became quiet. We could see they were captivated by the film. When Jesus appeared on the screen, people’s expressions changed. They were awestruck by Jesus, as if they were drawn to Him and waiting for Him to appear again.

“Whenever there was a miracle, their eyes were in awe. When the scene of Jesus’ crucifixion was seen, many women began to cry. When a man there saw Jesus being crucified, his body started to shake, and he began to sweat all over his body. His clothes became soaked with sweat. After the film, some people came up to me and asked, ‘Can you take this film to our area so that everyone in our family can have this opportunity?’ After the showing, and all night, I kept thinking of the man who was shaking.

“The next day, we went to the new area, where that family had asked us to next show ‘JESUS.’ There were many people present. When they asked the team member what the film was about, he told them, ‘This is the story of all the holy books which we have ignored and not studied effectively. If we did, we would understand about Jesus Christ. He is holy and the only one Who was born without a father.’

“The following morning, we went to the house of that shaking man. We sat down, and he kissed my face. He claimed he had not slept for two days. He said Jesus’ life teaching and sacrifice kept him awake all night. ‘I have an urge to keep this teaching and sacrifice within my heart. I am willing to live and die for Jesus. I want to die just as Jesus died. Will I, too, have to die on the cross?’

“I told him, ‘Jesus gives life rather than taking it. Accept with your heart and proclaim with your tongue.’ He said he proclaimed with his heart that ‘Jesus is my LORD.’ In excitement, he said, ‘Can I bring my family as well?’ ‘Of course, we will pray with everyone.’ I went into detail about coming to faith in Christ and baptism. Eagerly he said, ‘Let us go now, under that mountain, there is a valley. I want to go at this very moment.’ We immediately headed out and baptized him in the valley. Now he has led his wife, two adult kids and brother to accept Christ.”

It’s even more amazing when you consider that this man was brought up in a culture that rejects Christ and believes His followers are living a lie. The truth set him free.

Several hundred miles away, in a very isolated region of East Asia, God was about to build a cultural bridge to the gospel in a most unusual way. You may have heard how indigenous families will move into an area as quiet “missionaries.” They start a micro business, provide a service and win the trust of the community. The strategy is usually effective because the families who go speak the same language and understand the culture.

However, for this one family who went, skepticism in the village was high. They were seen as “unwelcome outsiders” and “strange.” The family had come to start a dairy cow business and show the people “JESUS.” In fact, they watched the film often in the evenings, outside their home, hoping to draw curiosity. But nobody came, and the dairy business failed to launch.

In their highly isolated culture, the people didn’t care about any Bible stories, and besides, they didn’t like cow’s milk! They certainly had no interest in watching a movie brought by “Jesus followers.”

Yet, the missionary family persisted. Every night they continued to watch “JESUS,” inviting people to join. Still, nobody came. The people began to murmur, “What are they really doing here? Why do they keep watching that movie?” Two men proposed a way to investigate so the village would know who they were. They would spy!

When night came, they sneaked near to the family’s home and, in the darkness, from a distance, watched “JESUS.” It was the only film they had ever heard in their heart language. The next day, the two men came to the family. They confessed what they had done and described how the film “JESUS” had captured their minds and hearts. Then they surprised the family.

“There was a scene of a man riding on a donkey. Do you know how important donkeys are here?” (They were referring to Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.) Now the family was confused. Donkeys?

The men explained that donkey milk was very popular in their area. They proposed that the family forget about dairy cows and instead start a donkey milk business. “When you start that business, everyone will want what you have. Now, will you tell us more about the Man who rode on the donkey? And we’ll help you start your business.”

With joy, the family shared their faith in Christ. The villagers began to take their donkeys to them, and the business quickly flourished. The people began to watch the film “JESUS,” marveling at “the man on the donkey.” In the span of 18 months, they showed “JESUS” to 7,864 villagers. And more than 70 house churches have been planted as hundreds have started following Jesus! All through God’s use of donkey milk!

This is the work of film teams who are so faithful and committed. Film teams do more than show the film, they also follow up and nurture new believers in their faith. They show films like “Magdalena,” “The Story of Jesus for Children,” and follow up new believers with discipleship series like “Rivka,” “Walking With Jesus” and “Following Jesus.” They share their lives, lead Bible studies and train new Christians to share their faith.

Every day around the world, every hour, church-planting film teams are at work, laboring until everyone, everywhere, has seen “JESUS.” As the year 2023 begins, I invite you to be a bridge builder to enable the work of those “JESUS” film teams. Support is urgently needed for teams in places like Africa, Thailand, Mongolia, Central Asia, and even the Middle East.

You can send film teams by giving a monthly gift of $38. This will cover the cost of one day of a team’s ministry, 12 days over the course of a year. Perhaps you can sponsor two days of ministry through a monthly gift of $76 or a week for a gift of $290. Should you have the financial resources, you might feel led to support the entire work of one team for a month through a gift of $1,160.

Of course, monthly giving is not ideal for everyone. Always give according to your ability and as He leads. You can still support the teams and help unreached people meet Jesus through a single gift today of $38, two days for $76 or four days of ministry for $152.

Thank you for prayerfully considering monthly giving. It’s our joy to partner with you and faithful teams until everyone, everywhere, has seen and heard the gospel in the language of their hearts. We look forward with great anticipation to how God will move in 2023.

Until everyone sees Jesus,

Josh Newell
Executive Director
Jesus Film Project®

PS: You can safely and easily set up your monthly partnership with “JESUS” film teams. You can give monthly or quarterly through bank or credit card transfers. You will always be in complete control, able to change at any time. To donate online or to set up monthly giving, you can simply call (800) 918-9929 or click the button. And if you can, kindly send your single or first monthly gift by February 28, 2023. God bless you.

*This report is from BigLife, one of 1,800 ministries that uses “JESUS.” I have edited this wonderful report for clarity and understanding.

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