Urgent Need: Bibles in the Middle East

#2774877 - Bibles for the Middle East

In some of the most closed nations on earth, spiritual interest is skyrocketing. Cru missionaries are reporting incredible hunger for God’s Word and incredible opportunities to openly distribute Bibles. 

Some of these opportunities are book fairs. Large, national book fairs are opening up throughout the Middle East, giving many people access to the Word of God for the first time.

But Cru missionaries have one priority request:

Please send MORE BIBLES.

Social unrest, economic uncertainty, the overwhelming chaos of instability has people questioning their traditional religious beliefs. More and more are looking for truth and peace — and finding that Jesus is the only real source of it!

The Lord is at work drawing seekers to Him! More and more seekers are coming to know Christ. More and more people are wanting their own copy of the Word of God.

And as closed nation Cru missionaries continue to deal with so many hard challenges, this hunger for Bibles is putting a strain on their resources. Just $6.75 provides a copy of God’s Word.

While many are putting their faith in Christ, they need to grow spiritually. And there’s no substitute for God’s word. These new believers need to be grounded in the truth. Because being a Christian in parts of the Middle East can come with a heavy price. Our brothers and sisters are being confronted with different (and often hostile) worldviews, religions and attitudes about Jesus. 

In The Great Commission, Jesus doesn’t command His followers to “go and make converts.” His command is to, “go and make disciples… teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” (Matt 28:19-20 NIV)

Discipleship and teaching is only possible when believers have the Word of God. 

People want a Bible — Cru missionaries can provide it to them in the safest way, depending on their region — whether it be printed, on a USB or SD card.

One Cru missionary said, “For many years, people hadn’t seen the Bible or any Christian books. People were astonished that the Bible was in their language. They had been searching for years and could not find it.”

Considering the risks involved, our missionaries in the region have been amazed by the huge volume of people actively looking for Bibles. The seekers are so excited they start reading the Bibles then and there!

Any amount you feel called to give will help deliver a Bible to someone who may have never had their own copy.

At this extraordinary moment in history, with hearts and doors uniquely open, will you help provide God’s Word?

One closed nation Cru missionary reported that her team is, “working day and night” to follow up with seekers. 

This is the kind of spiritual hunger Christians have prayed for — for years. But these doors could shut as quickly as they opened. Please consider giving your most generous gift for Bibles today! Thank you!

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