Discussing an Oral Bible Story in the Biruk Language

#2852450 - StoryRunners - Story Bible Translations to the Unreached

Eleven church planters and pastors, plus Dejen and Gebre, joined our School of Storying to develop 42 stories from the Bible—using the vernacular, idioms, and cultural understanding of the Biruk people, who live in West Africa. 

Dejen and Gebre—well-respected ethnic religious leaders—came to know Christ as Lord and Savior!

Today, Dejen, Gebre and others are reaching their people group using the oral Bible stories! Evangelism, discipleship, and church planting is moving forward among the Biruk* people.

Thanks for running with us to share the stories of Jesus in places where the printed Word is not available ... or not an option. The groups we are reaching together are oral learners and they need Jesus desperately!

Tribal religious practices keep them in darkness. They’ve never heard about the hope of Christ, the concept of grace. The beauty of forgiveness. The transformation of salvation.

But you are changing all of this! And I’m extremely grateful for you.

God has opened the doors for us to bring our innovative School of Storying to East Africa, an area of the world that needs Jesus. As you give, today, you can share the hope of Jesus—for ears that have never heard.  Bring the promise of salvation—to those living in abject darkness. Reach the lost, shine the light, share His love ... and transform lives! 


Let’s share the stories of Jesus!

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