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#2835508 - Persecuted Staff

Cru missionaries and their families in multiple nations are in immediate danger from skyrocketing persecution, natural disasters, war and more. The challenges have been practically nonstop.

Now, the Persecuted Staff Fund is depleted. Will you send them help now?

From flooding and civil unrest to imprisonment and death threats, many of the situations they are facing are not just uncomfortable … they are potentially deadly.

The Persecuted Staff Fund — created to rescue missionaries facing extreme challenges — is being used more than we’d like to see. There have been so many dire situations, in such quick succession, that it’s getting hard to keep up with the requests.

More rescue funds are needed immediately!

Your special gift of $50, $100 or even more will help deliver missionaries (often entire families) to safety and meet their most urgent needs until threats cool down.

The Persecuted Staff Fund is not to help staff fund their ministry or even raise personal support. These are missionaries fleeing for their lives. This fund covers everything from evacuation travel and safe shelter to meals, emergency medical care and more, but now it is gone.

So many faithful men and women are risking so much to share Jesus. As danger boils over, please be there for them with your most generous gift.

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