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Violence, depression and anxiety are breaking hearts and destroying lives — especially among young people. 

And right when support is needed most, a critical $25,000 financial shortfall is threatening AIA® missionaries working on local college campuses, in inner cities and beyond.

Will you help keep them on the field with your gift today?

As inflation rises and people walk away from the church, there are AIA missionaries struggling to afford housing, food and transportation — making it hard to focus on reaching young athletes with gospel hope. 

Your gift today will keep them on the field … reaching inner city youth through JAM camps, leading meetings and one-one-one discipleship times on campuses and more

Your donation of $25, $50, $100 or even more will help to ensure that key outreaches continue fully manned and full speed ahead.

Whatever the Lord lays on your heart will help missionaries keep sharing Jesus with athletes struggling under incredible pressure, hurt and brokenness.

Please help fuel their ministry and encourage their hearts today. Thank you!

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