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#0683126 - International Bibles

The Bible is at the heart of every single fruitful gospel effort — the core of everything from campus ministry to humanitarian outreach to church planting. 

And right now God is working in miraculous ways, opening doors for Cru missionaries to share the Word of God in places and with people never before reached.

Your help to meet this Bible Challenge is critical.

Each Bible — translated into the heart language of the recipient — costs just $6.75. 

Reports are pouring in from around the world:

The Middle East: Cru missionaries are reporting extraordinary spiritual hunger and seeing open doors to share God’s Word, despite widespread opposition to Christianity in the region. 

One team in a very closed nation reported, “We broke our last Bible distribution record!”

Others rejoiced at the amazing opportunity to openly distribute Bibles in large Arab cities. Our teams are able to reach more than one million people in these cities — and missionaries have encountered local officials who actually allow Bibles to be freely displayed and distributed! 

But lack of Bibles could limit the incredible reach of their ministries. One leader recently shared: “Without ongoing funding for Bibles, our teams will not be able to continue to give out hundreds of thousands of Bibles each year!”

Asia: Sharing Jesus in many parts of Asia is dangerous: “Doing ministry in [this nation] is challenging as the government watches online. House churches and prayer meetings are banned.” 

Yet as you give and pray, Cru missionaries are seeing fruit: “We heard many non-Christians are reading and meditating on Bible verses.” Now, one new convert shares the gospel with her friends every single day! Cru teams are reaching deeper and deeper into hard places, accessing isolated people groups who’ve never before heard about Jesus. 

Africa: Missionaries are specifically focusing on the most isolated, unreached people groups … sharing the gospel, planting churches and delivering Bibles. One man had been taught that being a Christian was a crime. But someone like you helped get a Bible into his hands and he gave his heart to Christ: “This is my very first Bible as a convert [from another religion]. I cherish it.” 

Another new believer received a Bible and began reading it to his family each night before bed. His faithfulness at home soon touched others in his life, and now he has helped start a new church of 24 people! 

Will you consider how many Bibles you can give?

Perhaps you can give $27 for 4 Bibles or $67.50 for 10. $202.50 will provide 30 Bibles, one for each day of the month. 

Whatever you give will help get God’s Word to people who are looking for hope in the midst of turmoil and are uniquely open to Jesus!

Thank you for your most generous gift to get Bibles where they’re needed most.

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