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Your gift today will allow a team to do the vital work of reaching the unreached, mobilizing partners, helping new believers grow in their faith, and showing “JESUS.”

You can go with the film teams by providing much needed support, transportation, and equipment, especially in these uncertain times. Please click here to help.

Miraculous Church Growth When People Finally Saw “JESUS”

A pastor in Africa translated the Gospel of Luke for a resistant people group of 150,000 speakers. Being an oral society, few could read. Over the next 10 years, a small church was planted and grew to become 200 members. That same pastor then translated the script of “JESUS,” also based on the Gospel of Luke. The film was then recorded in that local dialect. A film team went to work with this new tool where about 2,000 people attended the premier. The story of the gospel visually came alive. They heard the words of Jesus penetrate their hearts. When the pastor asked who wanted to receive Jesus as Savior, 1,200 people raised their hands!

Immediately, they all wanted to be baptized. It was chaos, but in a great way! It was such a challenge that the pastor divided the people into groups of 25. As he pronounced baptismal words over each group, they dipped themselves in and out of the water! That church of 200 people became 1,400 that day—a seven-fold increase! All glory to God.

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Around the world hundreds of film teams are working daily to show unreached people “JESUS.” It’s a global effort to help reach earth’s 3 billion people who have never heard or understood the gospel. It’s why I invite your partnership today.

Here is how you can help today with a single gift:

Your gifts allow the teams to do the vital work of reaching the unreached, mobilizing partners, helping new believers grow in their faith, and showing “JESUS.”

Supporting and sending the teams continues to be a top priority, especially for the discipleship of new believers. That’s an essential role of those film teams. Some team leaders go on to become pastors of the churches they found. Film teams are ready to go now as you feel led to help send them. You can also give safely via credit card by calling (800) 387-4040. To make a tax-wise gift through appreciated stock, an IRA, or a donor-advised fund, call (888) 278-7233 or email or You are greatly appreciated. God bless you.

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