In Acts 17, the apostle Paul engaged the people of Athens by using cultural references from "the poets of the day" to point Athenians to Jesus. Today, we are engaging a culture where music, media and technology are the mediums for today's poets. Like Paul, Keynote blends pop culture and stories of what God has done in our lives with the message of what He did for the world.

In the United States and around the world, God is using Keynote artists, communication training and digital resources to win people to Christ. Whether the venue is a college campus, a prison or a social networking website, we want to reach people where they live.

By giving to Keynote you are helping to use relevant methods to communicate a radical message of hope, redemption and love. Your gift today can help a college student or soldier understand his need for God, help an international musician across the globe learn how to use her music to reach her culture for Christ, or impact the life of a teenager searching for answers on the web.

Ultimately, Keynote is committed to life change! Would you partner with Keynote to share the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ around the world?

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