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Our dream as a movement is to advance God’s Kingdom in our areas of influence by introducing students to Jesus, molding them through Biblical, Spirit-led community, and sending them out to bless the world with the Good News of Christ.

Our efforts will be concentrated here at The Ohio State University, at other strategic campuses in the area like Columbus State Community College and Central State University, and in our international partnerships (Brazil and Slovenia).

During the first weeks of the year our efforts will be focused on connecting with freshmen, as this is when they’re most open to the gospel.  After these few weeks of focused outreach, we will expand our scope to include all under- and upperclassmen.  As the Lord draws students to Himself they will learn to live out a healthy love for God, themselves, and others, equipping them to lead in fulfilling the Great Commission.  Our students are initially “sent” metaphorically to their own campus, ministering to classmates, roommates, and those in the community.  After graduation this “sending” takes on a literal sense as they go out, carrying the Gospel of Christ to the ends of the world.

Thank you for considering a partnership in ministry with us.  We look forward to seeing how God works through your prayers and financial gifts to transform Ohio State into a pipeline of Christ-centered laborers, sending alumni to every location and vocation imaginable to reach every people group in the world!


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