Dana Russo


Every generation deserves to hear the message of Christ in his/her own language, be it a written language or a cultural one. This truth captured my heart 41 years ago and fuels me still today.

I am a communicator. I sing, blog, write scripts, play guitar, dabble with watercolor and culinary art, act, and see life through allegories. I teach, speak, coach, mentor, create safe places, and am in process. I am an artist on a mission via the ministry of Cru.

My creative skills help round out a group of artists on The Innovation Lab bringing hope to the next generation. We study Gen Z college students – research their mindsets, values, nuances - then brainstorm and create unique ways to share the message of Christ. Our creative projects aim at inviting spiritual dialogue. Always. Our ideas include direct encounter as well as online tools like videos, iphone apps, Facebook strategies, etc. Everyone you meet is on a spiritual journey whether they know it or not. Art has a way of opening doors otherwise locked.

I also work with our Communication Team providing excellent training that equips believers with tools to speak freely and effectively how God has changed their lives. I love providing communication training globally for indigenous Cru staff and volunteers. The result of this training is immediate, visible, and tangibly empowering.

Cultures change. People change. Much has changed in the 41 years I have served with Cru, but two things have not: people throughout the world seeking spiritual truth, and my desire/mission to share God’s story in compelling, culturally relevant ways. I’ve seen God do amazing things these past 41 years in ministry, yet I truly believe my most impactful years are before me.

I am currently in need of raising more support so I can continue creating tools to reach more students full time. I cannot express how much I appreciate your interest in partnering with me.

Cru's vision is that everyone would know someone who truly follows Jesus. I would be honored to have you partner with me to help make this a reality.

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