Story Movements: Church Planting


“Before we went to the School of Storying, I was ashamed of sharing about Jesus,” Cedric* says. “But, after the training, I said ‘No one can stop me from sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ!’”

Cedric and Aristide* have no seminary training. In fact, they can’t even read. But, God is using their steps of faith to use oral Bible stories in evangelism, discipleship and church planting in the Mufid* language.

There are extremely limited Christian resources for the 323,000 Mufid-speakers, who predominantly follow voodoo and animism. No Bible, Jesus Film nor Christian radio broadcasts exist in this language. The people pass on their traditions and beliefs through songs and stories. 

Over the course of the StoryRunners School of Storying, Cedric, Aristide and the other participants developed oral Bible stories in their native tongue. By the end of the training, they left equipped and eager to use these stories for evangelism, discipleship and church planting.

Since the training, Dost*, a West African StoryRunners volunteer, has coached Cedric and Aristide to plant a church in a village, which previously had no Christian witness. Over 25 men and women have begun to follow Christ! And, Cedric and Aristide are not yet finished. With Dost’s coaching, Cedric and Aristide have identified the next two villages that they will soon go to and plant churches. They trust God to use their steps of faith to make multiplying disciples of oral learners in communities of faith!

Your partnership helps ensure people like Cedric and Aristide are coached by people like Dost to use oral Bible stories to see new followers of Christ in a multiplying community of faith. Together, we can ensure that local ministry leaders are equipped and coached after the School of Storying ends. 

*Name changed for security


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