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$10 ships $40: Send Lifesaving Aid and Share Hope!

Every $10 you give ships $40 worth of urgently needed supplies.

For people in the hardest places on earth, your gift means more than a meal, clothing or wheelchair, it means a new life. 

That’s because the urgently needed supplies you help send also share the soul-saving message of Jesus. 

Cru missionaries and volunteers are counting on this aid to meet immediate needs in places like Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia — and to provide opportunities to share the gospel with those who might otherwise be unreachable

All the aid has been donated or purchased at deep discounts. All that’s needed are the funds to ship and distribute the essential items. Your gift will bring new life to families struggling to get by, and refugees who have lost everything. 

Every $10 you give now becomes $40 worth of meals, water filters, tarps for shelter, medical supplies and more. 

Your gift of any size will deliver 4 times its value in lifesaving help and hope.

Would you consider a generous gift to help today?  

Thank you for tangibly showing God’s love to suffering people and sharing His hope in the toughest places. 

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