Stephanie Chow


Greetings from France!

I was raised by a Christian mother and a non-believing father, and I truly met the Lord six years ago. I have walked steadily with God since then, which allowed me to meet the Agape (Cru) campus group in Rennes, where I was going to college. I got involved in January of 2011, and they have greatly encouraged me spiritually. Thanks to them I was able to grow in faith and the Lord has called me to join them.

I am excited to work by their sides for exhorting my brothers and sisters in Christ and sharing the Gospel with students.

I was the only French person on this team until last year (now we are two) and I have been told that they are extremely glad that I can bring French insights to the group! It is also a parallel to the reality that there are simply not many French believers involved in missional things.

The needs here in France are huge. Most of the students I talk with don't even believe in God. Students who trust in Christ number less than one in a hundred! But God is changing lives here, please partner with me in sharing the gospel with students in France!

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