Homeless Care Kits Needed this Winter

#0785565 - Homeless Care Kits

The Homeless Caught in the Cold Need Your Help

Brutal temperatures, freezing winds, life-threatening cold. Winter across much of the country has been devastating. 

The homeless are the most vulnerable in times like this. But you can be the difference between life and death for them when you provide a Homeless Care Kit today.

A Homeless Care Kit, distributed by Cru staff and volunteers, provides warmth, protection and hope. 

Every Homeless Care Kit contains things like:

  1. Warm gloves and scarves
  2. A protective hat and socks
  3. A thick blanket
  4. Hygiene items
  5. The Gospel of John to bring lasting hope to someone who is hurting.

Each Care Kit costs only $36.30 and could mean the difference between life and death for someone living on the streets. 

Your gift of $36.30, $72.60, $181.50 or even more, will bless those who are most vulnerable. 

Would you give your most generous gift today so those caught in the cold can experience the kindness of Jesus?

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