UNTO: Help Hurricane Dorian Victims

#1071737 - UNTO: Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief

Assessing Needs to Relieve Suffering and Reveal Hope

We know you care about the people in the Bahamas affected by Hurricane Dorian and ask that you pray for them and people across multiple states in the U.S. as they prepare for the storm. Category 5 Hurricane Dorian made landfall in the Bahamas and is being called the “strongest hurricane in modern records” — it now threatens torrential rain and flooding that could last for days as millions in the Carolinas prepare for potential damage.

Unto, the humanitarian partner of Cru®, is working closely with the United Nations, the Bahamian government, and local partners such as churches to assess how we can best assist. The most immediate need is access to clean water, shelter, and food. One of the ways we could help is to supply water filters.

We will keep watch on the U.S. Eastern Seaboard as Hurricane Dorian threatens the area. Further assessments of need both in the Bahamas and along the U.S. coast will inform our next steps. We invite you to partner with us to equip disaster relief teams as they prepare to respond.


You Can Help Victims of Disaster

You have an opportunity to provide basic necessities that will help victims of natural disaster by first providing immediate aid for the displaced and then by helping them rebuild their lives. Because we deliver the aid with trained ministry teams, relationships are built, and at the proper time conversations about the eternal hope of Jesus can take place.

Consider a gift today to support the Unto Disaster Relief initiative and meet people at their point of need with crucial supplies when emergencies hit.

Thank you for expressing the kindness of Jesus through humanitiarian aid - many people will be helped because of your generosity.

Over the course of 25 years of operation, Unto has leveraged strategic global partnerships and the service of dedicated volunteers to relieve suffering through humanitarian aid in disaster situations such as earthquakes in Nepal and Haiti and Hurricanes Florence, Michael, Katrina, and Matthew. Unto serves people around the world as part of Cru’s diverse, 190-country network.


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