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Until the whole world hears
At Josh McDowell Ministry, we remain committed to our mission of serving others until the whole world hears.

Those words embody our purpose — and they are likely the reason you partner with us to help advance God’s kingdom worldwide. As we look forward to the start of another year, we cannot wait to see what God does through you and other generous friends as we share the truth of Jesus worldwide.

Those words also express the challenge we share: reaching people who haven’t yet heard the truth about Jesus…helping them understand and believe that He is who He says He is…that He loves us individually…and that He has a wonderful plan for each of us.

In these early days of the new year, we want to humbly invite you to renew your partnership with Josh McDowell Ministry so that we can reach more people with the truth about Jesus in the upcoming year.

Reaching more people with the good news
This year we have the opportunity to reach millions of people with the good news of Jesus Christ.

In the coming months, Josh will travel across the U.S.A., to the Philippines, Singapore, Greece and Argentina. During these trips, he’ll share the truth of the gospel, distribute Christ-centered resources and encourage hardworking field staff.

Our staff desperately need the Christ-centered books and other materials you help provide through your financial support. They use the resources you provide for outreach events, discipleship, leader training and more.

Through your renewed gift of support right now, you’ll make possible the exciting work before us to equip leaders and raise up new generations of Christians who know what they believe, why it’s true and how to live it out. Please help where most urgently needed now.

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