Bibles Needed in the Middle East

#2774877 - Bibles for the Middle East

The Middle East is in the midst of a massive surge in spiritual hunger. Even the media is taking note:

“[Multiple] factors [are] producing a climate ripe for large-scale and widespread conversions [to Christianity].” ––Newsweek

Cru staff––and even major media organizations––are chronicling “massive” conversions ... churches erupting in previously churchless areas ... men and women doubting the faith they were raised in and turning to Christ! One report from an outreach to refugees paints the picture:

“Real miracles happen ... when [the refugees] enter, they are taken aback by our smiles and warmth ... We also put out stacks of free Bibles. Most have never seen one ... They often begin reading as soon as they can. Many volunteer their cell phone numbers so they can stay in contact and hear more about Christ. A number receive Christ ...”

Again: many in this region have still never even seen God’s Word. But when they finally have the opportunity, they, “begin reading as soon as they can.” Some pray to receive Christ on the spot! And this is happening in camp after camp, nation after nation.

This extraordinary spiritual hunger is why your help is critical to rush 100,000 copies of God’s Word to the field ASAP.

Each copy, printed in the heart languages of the region (Arabic, Turkish and Persian), costs just $6.75­—including printing, shipping and distribution into some of the most difficult places in the world.

Whatever you can give today, whether it’s $47.25 for seven copies of God’s Word, $81 for a dozen (enough for a small group), or even $675 for 100, will be a tremendous blessing.

One Cru missionary commented, “I have never encountered openness like this.” But these doors could shut as quickly as they opened. Please act today to give God’s Word.

At this time of extraordinary harvest, thank you for your most generous gift to reach spiritually hungry people with truth!

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