To Fight the Bible Shortage in Africa

#2832818 - Bibles for Africa

Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” (I Peter 5:8)

Urgent requests for Bibles are pouring in from across Africa. People are hungry for God’s Word. How can we turn them away?

Determined men and women recently walked up to two days, on foot, to learn more about God and finally get a copy of His Word!

The need for Bibles is urgent. 
There’s a spiritual battle for souls in Africa. From the north, radicals of a very different religion are advancing and fighting to win converts. From within, traditional practitioners of witchcraft war with the gospel.

To make a stand for the Gospel, local Christians are requesting 25,000 Bibles. Every $6.75 provides one Bible, including all the costs of printing, transportation, and delivery.

Your gift today –– whether it be $33.75 for 5 Bibles, $67.50 for 10 Bibles, $337.50 for 50 Bibles, or even more–– will offer this treasure to people who have never held their own copy. Your generosity will strengthen God’s people, even as the enemy prowls around and seeks to devour.

Please act today to put Bibles into empty hands.

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