“JESUS” Teams in West Africa: Double the Impact of Your Gift

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I come to you with an extraordinary offer, and a reason to act…now

An aggressive religion is advancing—systematically, relentlessly working to dominate all of Africa.

Only the Power of God will stop that advance, as He changes lives through strong churches and the gospel.

That is why we are coming to you with this unique challenge grant opportunity. You can double your impact, help win hundreds to Christ and be part of planting 600 new churches to resist the advance.

Millions of people in West Africa are locked in chains of witchcraft, ancestor worship and demonic oppression. So, when “missionaries” from that aggressive religion arrive in their villages, when they buy their loyalty through financial aid, schools, and medical clinics, it’s hard for people to resist. That religion is also building houses of prayer in every village, for every 1,000 people.…to lock in entire areas.

But that is far less likely to happen if there are fast growing, thriving, maturing churches, forming a “spiritual firewall” to help block the advance. For when people know the Truth, when they are strengthened by the inner witness of the Holy Spirit, people are far less likely to succumb to the pressure

End to End film teams are ready to go into villages of West Africa*, showing “JESUS” and planting new churches. Each new church planted costs $100, a fact confirmed by research. Your $50 gift will be doubled (with a grant gift of $50), totaling $100—planting one new church! This challenge grant offer is available until $10,000 has been received.

Would you feel moved to take the gospel to people who have never heard, by making these teams a reality? Please click on the “Give a Gift” button on this page to help now.

May there be a great outpouring of support for these committed film teams, who are working in some of the most challenging places. As you pray for and go with the teams, you are making it possible for millions to be rescued from “…the domain of darkness and transferred…to the Kingdom of His beloved Son….”  Thank you! God bless you greatly!


* Specialized End to End film teams concentrate on planting churches in difficult areas and then discipling the new believers, strengthening them in their faith, and training them to plant other churches. God’s power, working through thousands of solid, growing churches—who proclaim the gospel and His Word—will help halt the advance of this aggressive religion. But we have little time to act.

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