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Some major newspapers offer an annual subscription for $200.  Your gift of $200 will make the gospel the headline in their hearts all year long. 

Think of the nations that make the headlines every day. Places of war, devastation and spiritual darkness. You have the opportunity to offer hope in these hurting places. 

In the next six months, StoryRunners will help take the gospel to 10 of these unreached people groups, representing 133 million people. Many people in these countries are oral learners, meaning even if they had a Bible in their language they couldn’t read it. Your gift of $200 will provide them with oral Bible stories in their heart language, and these stories change lives. 

Please give your best gift today so that millions of people will have the gospel in the way that best speaks to their hearts. 

Listen to The Promise, a series of 40 oral Bible stories that your gift gives in the heart language of these unreached people groups.

Website: http://www.storyrunners.org

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