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You Can Express the Kindness of Jesus Through Humanitarian Aid!

We know you care about the people affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.

These hurricanes afflicted millions on the Texas coast, the Caribbean, and Florida. GAiN teams have assessed the needs of people in the places affected by these hurricanes and formulated a strategy. The generosity of people who want to help has made it possible for GAiN to respond to these needs.


Hurricane Maria
Puerto Rico remains in the dark after being ravaged by a direct hit from this most devastating storm in modern history. People’s lives changed in moments.

A team of seven from GAiN were sent to assess damage and begin ministry, working in partnership with several small churches and student groups. The team provided food, temporary shelter, water filters, and collapsible water containers as a means to minister to people. Because we deliver the aid with trained ministry teams, relationships are built — at the proper time conversations about the eternal hope of Jesus can take place.

You have an opportunity to provide humanitarian aid to help families affected by Hurricane Maria. Your gift toward disaster relief will allow GAiN to serve immediately the people of Puerto Rico through this project.

Hurricane Irma
GAiN is providing a huge shipping container of aid needed by people who lost their homes in Cuba. Our partner church, who we worked with after Hurricane Matthew last year, will distribute this shipment of clothes, blankets, stuffed animals, shoes, tents, hygiene supplies, disposable medical supplies, and mobility equipment.

Hurricane Harvey
Immediately after Hurricane Harvey, GAiN delivered a truck of humanitarian aid (items such as diapers, water, feminine hygiene products, and baby food) to church partners who distributed to those needing immediate help.

Katy Disaster Network has asked GAiN to return in a few months to help in the process of rebuilding. During this phase, we will partner with Cru Campus and other Cru ministries like Bridges International to provide workers to help rebuild homes and businesses. In this phase, your gift will supply university student teams with disaster recovery items, coaching, and training to help people rebuild their lives. The students and hurricane victims will spend valuable time together, giving students an opening to share the love of Christ while fulfilling an urgent need. When students finish serving a family affected by Hurricane Harvey, they will give the family The JESUS Film DVD.


Please pray for the people affected by these hurricanes and for our teams as they serve.

Thank you for expressing the kindness of Jesus through humanitarian aid.

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