Giving Tuesday: Your gift to support missionaries on the “frontlines” of the world is DOUBLED

#2869364 - Frontline Staff Support

Until midnight, your gift will be doubled, dollar-for-dollar up to $25,000 to support missionaries serving in some of the hardest places in the world!

In countries where sharing the gospel is dangerous, or even illegal, people are hungry for truth. We hear stories every day from spiritually oppressed areas in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. 

God is moving in miraculous ways. In the past, it was a celebration when just one person declared Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Now, tens of thousands are claiming Jesus as their Savior or wanting to know more about Him.

As people continue to stare down their futures with uncertainty, they are asking the “big questions” more urgently:

  • “What will happen when I die?”
  • “Does the Bible say anything about the afterlife?”
  • “How can I know I’m going to heaven?”
  • “Does God answer prayer?”
  • “Is it even possible to have inner peace during the pandemic?”

The current uncertainty is causing many to question their traditional beliefs and look to Jesus for answers. God is using working in the chaos and crises around the world to turn lives to Him! 

But many missionaries are still facing a very grim reality:

Staff around the world, especially in “frontline” countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia, are unable to raise funds from many of their supporters. And many are depleting their savings—just to live. 

Because these missionaries live in dangerous countries, often working in secret, they can’t advertise online or make their needs public. 

As one missionary in the Middle East aptly stated: “What we do is illegal.”

Almost all the Cru staff in these places have to raise their support during face-to-face visits. And it’s no surprise that this is now next to impossible.

With many areas restricting movement, staff simply don’t have the money to continue their ministry. And soon, they won’t have money for essentials—like food, medicine and housing.

Frontline missionaries are staring at an uncertain future—for their ministries, for their families and for themselves.

Without immediate help, some of these men and women will have to leave full-time ministry and try to find another way to provide for their families. And as jobs are scarce, even this may not be an option.

For many staff members, there are no other options.

This may be the most important Giving Tuesday yet. 

On average, it only costs $300 per month to fund a frontline missionary.

Your Giving Tuesday gift today to frontline staff will be doubled. In dangerous and chaotic parts of the world, faithful missionaries can keep doing the Lord’s work.

Would you consider a gift to support staff in need today? Your generosity could be the difference between life and death for missionaries in some of the hardest hit countries. 

YOU can be a lifeline to our brothers and sisters in need. 

YOU can help show them that they are not forgotten. 

YOU can share the hope that God is in control, even when the world seems to be in chaos.

YOU can help share the gospel around the world.

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