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To get His Word to lost people, God is at work in a special way.

  • In the Middle East, police imprisoned and beat a staff member for helping to translate the Bible. However, the regional president discovered the abuse and punished the local police. He then asked for Bibles for each member of his office: “Every other day we receive more requests from the Presidential office for more copies of the Bible!”

  • In post-Christian Europe, Cru staff ministering to teenagers are seeing incredible spiritual hunger. Their requests for Bibles total are DOUBLE the resources they have!

  • In one closed nation, the number of new believers increased by nearly 500 times in just 12 months! People are getting God’s Word and telling others the Good News. Now those people want their own Bibles –– but resources are scarce.

With so many doors opening wide, will you help put God’s Word into many more hands?

Each Bible, translated into the heart language of the recipient, costs an average of just $6.75! That includes all the expenses for printing, shipping and distribution, even into very difficult/closed nations.

Anything you give, whether it’s $27 for 4 Bibles or $432 for 64, will be a tremendous blessing to those who hunger for truth but do not have God’s Word. 

Thank you for your heart to send Bibles around the world!

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