Pandemic uncertainty creates unprecedented openness for sharing Jesus with students

#0785095 - Gospel Expansion - Taking Jesus to Students

Nobody knew what to expect — We never had an academic year begin like this one: in the midst of a pandemic, some campuses open, some closed ... students required to wear masks and stay 6 feet apart from one another ...

Families back home facing coronavirus and economic crisis — some students dealing with the loss of friends or loved ones from COVID-19 ...

It was all new territory — would students close down in hopelessness? Would they be afraid to connect with strangers?  

Or ... would God take what the enemy intended for evil and use it for good? This is what we are seeing. Right now college students are seeking spiritual answers! And they’re more open than ever before to talking about Jesus!

Now is the time for intensive focus on connecting with students because they are searching for hope — and we can deliver it.

But we need your help ASAP. Please prayerfully consider the best gift the Lord will allow you to give, and then respond today to this unprecedented ministry opportunity. Your online donation right now will be matched dollar-for-dollar, its impact DOUBLED, up to the $100,000 of our new Gospel Expansion Matching Challenge.

Thank you!

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