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Dear Friend in Christ,

I’m delighted to bring you a story of total transformation by the power of God.

As you know “JESUS” film teams are increasingly working in dangerous areas, taking the gospel to people and nations once thought unreachable. You can understand then why it’s best not to mention where this miracle took place.

A man I will call Juba was a leader in a militant movement, totally committed to his beliefs and culture. For 30 years he had been a recruiter of boys who would be groomed to become fighters, willing to die for the cause … radical militants.

A “JESUS” film team arrived in Juba’s area equipped with a Church-Planting Backpack Kit (see the picture). When he heard the news, Juba became enraged. He urged his followers, his trainees and fellow militants to act, to root out the evil that had come to them, commanding: “I am giving you permission to kill them.”

While the fighters were planning their attack, the team arrived at their showing site.

They unpacked their portable set, erected the screen and plugged in the solar-battery-powered projector. By the time Juba’s followers arrived, the film team had already started “JESUS.”

So, the assassins decided to delay their ambush until all of the people had returned to their homes, when the team would be vulnerable and packing up. Confident that his men would act, Juba stayed at his home. After all, he had no reason to see the “outsider’s wicked film.”

With the fighters waiting to act after the film, everyone watched “JESUS” … including Juba’s men. The gospel in visual form played out before them all. They heard the Word of God in their heart language. They marveled at Jesus’ miracles, His death and incredible resurrection.

They had never seen or heard such things.

When “JESUS” ended, many of the people remained to talk with the team, including one of the men sent to kill them. He later said that as he watched and listened, something burned within his heart, something he could not shake—the Holy Spirit.

Others in the gang must have felt the same because all the fighters walked up to the film team and presented their guns, confessing: “We came to kill you and drive you from our villages. But tonight, God has touched our hearts. Please now take our weapons and punish us.” The team took the weapons, but replied, “We will not punish you, but we will eat {and fellowship} with you! Our God has saved you from darkness and brought you into His light.”

Made new in Christ, the fighters returned to Juba to tell him what had happened, about the film, and about the message they had never before heard, that Jesus had died for everyone’s sins. Tears came to Juba’s eyes. His heart began to ache for Jesus, and Juba joined them, becoming a follower of Jesus! Today Juba still searches for boys and men to recruit, not to become fighters but that each might come to know the saving grace of Jesus.

Here’s another amazing transformation I’d like to share: A “JESUS” film team had set up to show an adaptation of this wonderful film for little ones called “The Story of Jesus for Children.” A number of people had gathered, children along with their parents.

The team was ready to start the showing when a crazed man walked into the tent, right into the middle of the crowd, carrying a propane gas tank. With one hand, he threw the tank on the projector table and opened the valve. Explosive gas began hissing out. With the other hand he pulled out a lighter. People screamed.

As people panicked, the “JESUS” film team leader (George) approached the man, calmly in love and without fear. (He knew he could be among the first to be martyred in the tent.) As he tried to speak to the man, a person nearby quickly reached up and closed the valve. Another person grabbed the man’s hands and tied them behind his back. The threat was over. Then one of the men offered, “Do you want me to take him to the police?”

Several in the audience spoke up, “No! Don’t take him. Not until we see the movie!” So, everyone remained, including the crazed man, his hands tied up, watching “The Story of Jesus for Children.” After the showing, team leader George led the man away from the crowd and began ministering to him: “No matter what kind of problem you have, God still loves you.”

The mysterious stranger replied, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” Tears welled up in his eyes. “Why don’t you take me to the police?” Seeing that the man was acting more normally, George responded: “The police will arrest and fine you. But there is One who can cure you: Jesus. Our tent will be here all week. Why don’t you come back if you want to talk more or need prayer?”

Two days later, the man returned, but he was much calmer. He sat quietly and watched the entire film “JESUS.” Absorbed in the story of Christ, His miracles, and His Word, he recalled George’s comforting statement, that Jesus could cure him.

When the film ended, team leader George went to the front, picked up the microphone, and asked if anyone wanted to devote their lives to Christ. The man shot up. Tears again welled up in his eyes. He became the first in the crowd to follow Christ! There is now a church planted in that village with many new believers worshipping the Lord, growing in their faith. Glory and thanks go to our miracle-working God!

And here is one more report. This is from one of 1,800 ministry partners who use “JESUS,” Erik Laursen, CEO of New Covenant Missions. The backpacks Erik refers to are the Church-Planting Backpack Kits. (See the picture on the first page of my letter.)

“Last year, we equipped about 26 people with ‘JESUS’ film backpacks—most of them working in very challenging, dark areas where there aren’t any churches. It was absolutely incredible. In September, we equipped a team of six with six backpacks to work in Northern Ghana among {difficult-to-reach} tribes. I got the most incredible report recently. I just couldn’t believe it! In October, one of our guys did three showings with the film in three different villages. He reported that 930 people saw the film, and 930 people decided to follow Jesus! ‘Are you sure? Did you mean 93?’ I asked. What’s going on here? I thought it was a mistake, but he stood by his report. All 930 people in these villages gave their lives to Christ.”

This is the power of His Word, the gospel, when unreached people hear Jesus speak in their heart language, especially in difficult, unreached areas. Now with “JESUS” available in 1,870 different languages, and with the season of giving approaching, may I invite you to again help shine His light into their darkness?

As you have read, “JESUS” film teams are dedicated and courageous. Many of these workers and ministry partners are based in the developing world. A number of them don’t have the resources to purchase the tools to show their people “JESUS.” But they have the workers, ready to go, ready to serve. Today, your gift of love of $50, $75 or $100 will help provide the tools they need and the training. Let me give you a few examples.

Workers in hostile areas need tiny microSD cards that can be passed from person to person, phone to phone. You can supply committed workers with six microSD cards containing “JESUS,” “Magdalena” (for women) and “The Story of Jesus for Children” for a gift of $60, or 20 DVDs for a gift of $90. Your gift of $145 will supply six thumb drives. The thumb drives contain “JESUS” and follow-up materials in up to 10 languages.

Perhaps you can equip an evangelist/church planter with a video tablet, complete with Bluetooth® speakers and a solar-charging panel for a gift of $570. These are great for behind- closed-doors showings in radical areas, and for discipleship.

You can also supply waiting workers with a NewLifeBox kit for a gift of $220. Pocket-sized and battery powered, a person turns on the unit. People within 150 feet see an available Wi-Fi message saying, “Watch a movie about Jesus.” The NewLifeBox kits are amazingly effective, even where there is no cell or internet service. And because “JESUS” is in their own language, when given the chance, most everyone accepts, and in radical areas! And many download “JESUS” to watch again and again!

Lastly, perhaps you can provide a waiting film team with one of those Church-Planting Backpack Kits. Hundreds are needed for India and Africa. You may be able to give a portion, perhaps a quarter of the cost by a gift of $810, half through a gift of $1,620 or fund an entire kit for a gift of $3,240. Over this equipment’s useful lifetime, you can help as many as 30,000 people to see the film (in their heart language) and up to 30 new churches can be planted.

As you consider what you might do during the coming Christmas season, a wonderful passage from Scripture comes to mind, the words of the mighty angel who told the prophet Daniel, “Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever” (Daniel 12:3 New International Version).

Your partnership makes it possible for many to be led to His righteousness. It is your intercession and your giving used by God, that help make these wonderful reports possible. It is His work—in partnership with you—that makes known His glorious gospel and shines light into their spiritual darkness. Thank you and may God bless you!

Until everyone sees Jesus,
Josh Newell
Executive Director
Jesus Film Project ®


PS. Many of more than 1,800 partner ministries will use your gift so that Everyone, Everywhere, will learn what Jesus has done for them. The opportunities to take the gospel to unreached people are wide and many. They are ready to say “yes” to Jesus if people will give them the good news. So, if possible, please post your gift by December 31, 2020, enabling you to claim a tax deduction for this year. To donate today, please click the “give a gift” button. If you would prefer to donate by phone, please call us toll-free at 1-800-918-9929.

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