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Every $1 you give ships $10 of lifesaving aid!


Can you imagine living on less than $2 a day? That is the daily reality suffering people face in one extremely closed East African country where our Unto® partners serve. The moms, children, and refugee families in this tough place have less than the change we carry in our pockets to live on.

This past year has been absolutely devastating for people living in this place. Life was already difficult when COVID-19 hit, which further suppressed their economy and ability to earn even a little income.

Currently, Unto has five HUGE containers packed with lifesaving supplies just waiting to be sent to closed countries during the first quarter of 2021. All we need are the funds to ship and distribute the items — $135,000 by March 15.

Right now every $1 you give ships and distributes $10 worth of lifesaving critical aid.


Because the items have all been donated or purchased at a deep discount, every $1 you give sends 10 times the help to suffering people — and opens doors for them to hear about the hope of Jesus. Your gift means that food, clothing, blankets, medical supplies, and more will be given to suffering people living in the toughest places on earth.

You should know that not only are some of the countries we will be serving closed to the message of Jesus; they are also home to some of the most at-risk people in the world. Two of the countries rank in the bottom 10 percent of the Global Health Security Index. Even before the global pandemic, people suffered terribly and struggled to survive!

As the humanitarian ministry of Cru®, Unto can ship aid and share hope in closed countries and other tough places — even during a pandemic. We leverage strategic global partnerships with Cru staff teams serving in over 190 countries. Our partners personally distribute the aid you provide. And at the right time, they engage in spiritual conversations.

Every $1 you give ships and distributes $10 worth of lifesaving aid — and opens doors for our staff teams to share the hope of Jesus in closed countries and other tough places.

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