Stories Penetrate the Impenetrable.

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Imagine being arrested and deported for going to church or for using a Bible.
Believers in one Asian country don’t have to imagine. . . they LIVE it. Every day. That’s why storytelling in this region is so important. You see, Bibles can be burned, churches can be outlawed, and people seized.  But stories told about God can go everywhere.  

Stories can’t be stopped. They can’t be burned, and they can’t be touched.
And best of all, stories shared in a person’s heart language penetrate the heart like nothing else can. It’s the perfect method for sharing the gospel in places where evangelism is forbidden and converts and evangelists alike are arrested.

You can make sure the stories continue.
StoryRunners is working to develop and deliver stories to storytellers hidden throughout this nation. These stories and more training are desperately needed to maintain the momentum building within the underground church. 

Your gifts help us reach these people who “cannot” be reached – because God’s story penetrates the impenetrable.

Please share God’s story in this closed country. Your gift today will change their eternity.

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