God “comes alive” through hearing His story

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“This was the first time I felt connected to the Word of God. I have always wanted to have that connection, but because I was unable to read and write I never felt connected. This is the first time I felt I have a connection with God and God loves me.” Banu*

Imagine wanting desperately to connect with God but being unable to because you can’t read or write. Then one day, someone begins telling you stories about Jesus, about His powerful love for you.  Suddenly, it’s as if your eyes are opened and the light comes pouring in.

Thousands are waiting and longing to hear about Jesus in a way they can understand – through the art of storytelling.

Just like Banu, there are thousands who need to encounter Jesus in the way that resonates with them - through the spoken narrative.  When they do, they experience the light of Christ for the first time.  Even “marginal” believers have their faith come alive as they finally understand truths about Jesus they never understood before.

YOU can provide the catalyst.

Your gifts to StoryRunners make it possible for these precious people to hear about God in their own language, in the way they learn best. Imagine breaking down the barriers they encounter and allowing God’s light to shine on them and change their lives forever.

You can be the catalyst that provides this transformation.

Your gift today will help us reach people who otherwise would never hear – as well as believers who have no other way of learning more about Him.

“. . .how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?”

You can allow them to “hear” with your gift today. Please share whatever you can to bring His story to those who have not yet heard.

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