Jesus Drives out Fear

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Imagine wanting to get into a boat in the middle of a raging storm!
But that’s exactly what people like Nadia are looking for – the safety that Jesus provides in every storm.  In cultures driven by fear, the Word of God is the only solution to the anxieties that surround their lives.

But what if they NEVER hear?
Think of the excitement of learning about a God who loves you, cares for you, and will erase your fears and isolation.

In oral cultures, or cultures where the Bible is forbidden, the only means to reach hurting people is by telling stories.  This is the only chance many will ever have to experience God’s Word.

That’s something YOU can provide.
People in these cultures are starved for what God’s Word brings—the safety, peace and love that comes from a relationship with Jesus.

You can provide that with your gift today.
Every gift you make will go toward developing 42 oral Bible stories in a language that is not yet reached – opening the doors of salvation to a people otherwise unreached.

Thousands still have no access to His Word – Please help us reach them today!

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