College students are searching for hope and direction - and you can give it to them!

#2731228 - Campus Evangelism

The difficult events of the past 18 months have sent many college students spiraling into chaos and fear - they are desperately seeking spiritual answers and hope!

They don't know what the future holds - they're desperate for assurance and security - and while the "wisdom of the world" might tell them to search for solace in drinking, drugs, illicit relationships, and other destructive behaviors - We know that they are really desperate for JESUS.

With your support, Cru will offer them the hope that is found only in Jesus. Every $1 you give today will reach four students for Christ …at the critical moment when they are open and seeking direction for the future.

Please be a part of it! How many students - perhaps even like your own children or grandchildren - can you lead to Jesus through this proven-powerful strategy?

God bless you for whatever you can give today to share the gospel!

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