From 0 to 13 Trainers in 12 Months!

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Developing Local Trainers in Tanzania

Gideon is the Tanzanian national director for Cru. After seeing what is possible through our Swahili School of Storying, he’s developed a vision to train local trainers to lead School of Storying projects and church planting trainings throughout the country. 

With his vision and enthusiasm, we’re now in the midst of helping his team train 13 new local trainers in just 12 months!

A Quick “Time to Market”

This marks a significant milestone for the people we serve together. What used to take years of training and support can now be accomplished in just 12 months!

As more and more Bible story groups are developed at the local level, your influence can spread God’s Word to oral communities faster than ever. 

Through your partnership and this rapid “time-to-market” approach, we project being able to complete training in 7 of our 19 targeted languages in Tanzania in 2022 alone. 

Your Partnership

Your partnership is key in bringing the good news to those who have yet to hear the gospel in the way that best speaks to their heart.

Please consider making a generous gift today to bring Jesus to people who might otherwise never hear or never understand!

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