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Josh: Share breakthrough messages of Jesus in the 10/40 Window

Often called “The Resistant Belt,” the 10/40 Window is home to two-thirds of the world’s population and includes the majority of the world’s unreached and unevangelized people.

Your gift will provide tools to share the gospel with those who live in places where it is hard to learn the truth:

  • Christ-centered books like More Than a Carpenter, Evidence that Demands a Verdict, The Right Choices Bible and more – translated into the languages of those who receive them.
  • Digital tools such as SD cards, USB drives, Hotspots, apps and other digital media are used to reach into countries closed to the gospel and safely share the truth about Jesus.

God is working mightily in the 10/40 Window through ministry partners like Amir – who risks his life to help his people have breakthrough moments of truth through Christian resources YOU and others provide. Instead of confiscating the carload full of Christian books and tools when stopped by police, the mayor ordered the police to help distribute them!

Through your gift, countless men and women living in the 10/40 Window will…

  • Have access to breakthrough messages about Jesus otherwise unavailable to them.
  • Encounter Christ through discreet and easily concealed materials.
  • Experience salvation and discipleship in a safe environment.

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