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Pastors in East Asia are few and far between. And the Christian tools they need to support their faith and disciple others are even fewer. Whether the pastors serve in rural churches (with only a handful of congregants), state-run mega churches (with congregations of 1,000 to 10,000) or in underground churches (in areas where Christian persecution is most prevalent), the personal libraries you equip these new pastors with serve as fountains of truth and wisdom from which they will draw upon for years.

This June, approximately 3,000 seminary students in East Asia will be graduating. YOU can help equip these future pastors for ministry with a personal 8-book set of Josh’s most cherished books, including:

  • More Than a Carpenter
  • The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict
  • Answers to Tough Questions
  • The Father Connection
  • Why True Love Waits
  • How to Be a Hero to Your Kids: 6 A's
  • Straight Talk with Your Kids About Sex/ The Bare Facts (a flip book with two titles in one)

Help us raise $171,425 by May 31 to provide this year’s seminary graduates with the tools they need to grow personally and lead others to have breakthrough moments of faith.

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