LeaderImpact Innovation Fund


The purpose of the fund is to resource the geographic expansion of LeaderImpact by funding truly innovative ideas for movement-building tools among leaders.

In a changing world, ministry materials often have a short shelf life. Significant events and developing trends can be utilized for the gospel when our response to change includes creative and attractive tools. We need a means to fund new ideas which take advantage of rising opportunities. Experience has demonstrated that the best place to develop new products is on the field.  

The primary benefit is the deployment of useful tools for developing multiplying disciples among leaders.  Here are examples of successful projects which the Innovation Fund supported.

  • LeadersHub in Canada - the digital training network for non-staff partner city team leaders, now being tested for global use.
  • The Biscuit Trail - an innovative approach to planning ministry for young professionals developed in the UK by recent Oxford graduates trying to transition to ministry in the workplace after a good student experience.
  • EQ seminar expansion - a relational tool for connecting with business leaders, in particular secular or sensitive countries based on life coaching that addresses individual character and life development beyond vocational topics.

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