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Accelerating the spreading of the Gospel via the Internet

Because high school and junior high students are using the web with increasing regularity, we are putting the gospel on the web. By purchasing ads on Google, we are able to draw teenagers to our new sites -- & -- where they are exposed to the gospel and can make a decision for Christ. For 60 cents we can give a teenager the opportunity to hear the gospel and provide Web counseling for students. By sponsoring this project you would take the gospel to thousands of teens.

  • Each site will expose the gospel to 10,000 students a month for the monthly cost of $6,000 per site.

Required funding: $144,000

Our vision and plan of action: In the first three months of the sites operation, there were 18,000 visitors, 540 indicated decisions for Christ (3% of visitors) and 745 emails with questions (4%). For each $6,000 given, we expect 10,000 teens would be reached and 300 would indicate decisions for Christ.

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