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News out of North Africa and the Middle East is bleak for Christians. Persecution is increasing for those who dare to share their faith. Ministry in these countries has been driven far underground.

How could we ignore the call of our Lord to take His gospel "to the ends of the earth"? We couldn't, of course.

It's the heart of everything we do here at Josh McDowell Ministry. But it isn't easy - especially in closed countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

We need your help today to equip our missionaries in North Africa and the Middle East with vital evangelism tools. When faced with the reality of imprisonment, harsh beatings, verbal abuse and even death, few people jump at the chance to preach the Gospel. What's more, even those who are willing to take the truth of Jesus to the most dangerous places can't get in. Their voices are stifled. Yet our ministry partners in that region are asking for 77,000 copies of Josh McDowell's books like More Than a Carpenter.

These obstacles can be daunting. Since we know from Scripture that all things are possible with God, we've chosen to view these obstacles as challenges, and challenges are meant to be conquered!

Today, you have the opportunity to help us do just that. For just $3.25 you can put the truth of Jesus Christ into the hands of truth-seekers in the Middle East and North Africa with Christian books and other evangelism and discipleship resources. And, these resources will likely find their way into the hands of at least 10 other people.

The books you provide through Josh McDowell Ministry help change lives forever. When people come to know Jesus, they will risk persecution or imprisonment to reach others - and the Gospel will be spread to the ends of the earth.

YES! - I want to reach truth-seekers in closed countries with Christian books and other evangelism materials and discipleship resources.

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